Monitor real time data to avaoid disasters and avoid leaks.


Water Supply

Save water, save world. Maintain an effective water supply network.


Power Grid

Smart Grid is a need of an hour, so be prepare to forecast power demands.


Sewage Treatment

IoT can help you to treat sewage with high accuracy and protect enviroment.

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Business, Agency or Enterprise

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Data Analytics

Industry relevant analytical foundation design, built and delivered. Grasp our out-of-the box analytics algorithms.

Alarms & Alerts

Schedule and run sensor data analytics on Track Sensor platform. Trigger alarms and alert accordingly.

Real Time Insights

Real time dashboard is specially design for easy monitoring, with colour coded representation of data.


We have pay as you go model. Get started with a plan that works for you. Upgrade as you increase your devices.

Enterprise Integration

Our easy integration procedure enables to integrate large scale enterprise and organization.


Secure platform, you can trust us for your data security and privacy. We have no data sharing policies.


Track Sensor SaaS offers 100% data & event processing and 99.9% application uptime guarantees.

Help & Support

Highly trained support team with SME executives are always available to help you via phone & email support.

M2M Gateways
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We Have Nice Pricing Plans For You!

We have a pricing plan which suits every one. Right from start-ups to enterprises and huge government agencies. Pay as you go model gives you freedom to integrate from 1 to as many sensors as you need.

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